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ROP Guide to Crime-Scene Investigation

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SHERLOCK HOLMES! If that caught your attention, then you’re someone like me who has the interest in mysterious and detective like scenarios, be it a story, novel or a TV show. If you have spent your childhood lost inside pages of detective stories or mystery shows, if your role model was Sherlock Holmes instead of a cute movie hero and you aspire to become someone like him, there’s nothing to worry about because we’ve got you covered.

First of all, let’s talk about crime scenes and what exactly a detective does in the situation. Any situation where crime, or offence, has been committed, usually a big issue, the place where it is committed is called a crime scene. Now, we’re not talking about a small accident or a fight among some teenagers. We are talking about something involving murder, suicide, a big robbery, etc. The person who gets involved and takes the duty to find the culprit is the one we call a detective. The detective investigates the situation. Now, this detective has a big responsibility on himself/herself. They have to find the criminal, with proofs, so that it is sure that the person they call the criminal is not just an innocent person being accused out of personal grudges. A detective looks into tiny details of the situation, and step by step reached to the culprit. Being a detective is not easy. It takes a lot of skills, determination and thinking.


If you have an interest in becoming one of these detectives and want to take responsibility for finding the criminal in a crime scene, we have got you a solution. ROP, the short form of Regional Occupational Programs, has organised classes to teach you the basic skills of being a detective. The course is called Crime Scene Investigation (CSI).However, first let’s tell you the requirements for enrolling in this course. You must have a study background in sciences field, preferably chemistry or biology. Since investigating is more about psychic of the people and looking into the scientific elements of the situations, it is important that you the basic knowledge before you proceed to higher level technical training. The level of past education depends on which degree you are applying for. For example, to get into studying for masters, you must have a bachelor’s degree. Other than that, you must have a high level of interest in this field. Investigating is not an easy job. A short temper would not be helpful. Also, come with high energy because you have to work for long hours as a detective and you will be prepared for it during these courses. As mentioned before, being a detective means taking a huge responsibility on you. Therefore, you must be prepared for what is coming up in the future.

You will learn all you need to know about crime investigation. Molecular biology, forensic investigations, information regarding different weapons and causes of death, the human psychic, criminal justice and biochemistry are some of the major subjects that make up this course. The art of manipulation however not getting fooled yourself is another important art taught here. In this course, you will be taught tips on how to collect clues, what things to notice, which people to suspect, where to collect witnesses from, and all the tactics that a good investigator must know. Why we can so confidently guarantee you that you will all learn these tactics is because the offered program is taught by professionals who have experience in this field. They have practically worked in criminal investigations and hence, they can guide you realistically about real world situations, the real problems you would face and the real solutions to them. Other than that, the students are encouraged to do a few internships. After all that you learn from professional and qualified teachers, you put that knowledge into work. This not only improves your skills but also gives you experience and helps you remember what you learned inside a classroom. Having hand on experience with realistic stuff lets you experience the issues and situations enabling you to set out on a successful journey in your profession. After finishing this course, you will not regret it. You will not feel like you wasted your money or time. In fact, what you will learn throughout this course will give you experience and skills worth more than what you paid for. So it is a win-win situation, a chance that you shouldn’t let go of.

Now let’s get into a little more detail about the benefits and outcomes of these crime investigation classes. Your forensic skills are improved. Forensics is one of the most important parts of crime investigation. It is the science part where dead bodies are investigated; fingerprints are matched. Other than that, DNA tests and technical parts f an investigation are carried out in the forensics labs. Your observational skills will be improved, allowing you to pay more attention to notice the slightest of suspicion. Throughout your classes, you will learn the art of noticing expressions of people, their gestures and psychological facts about how to figure out if someone is lying or telling the truth. This will help you while questioning the witnesses and suspects, which is a vital part of every investigation. Diagramming and photography are other skills that you get to polish during these classes. Collecting evidence might seem an easy task. But when put under the pressure of a real crime scene, it is hard to figure out which objects will be relevant evidence and which will be just a waste of time. You are also taught how to collect evidence without altering it. You do not want to accidentally loose the tiny piece of hair or wipe off the droplet of blood whose DNA will lead you to the criminal. Therefore, you also master this skill in these classes. Along with all these, you also get to learn a lot of the laws and rules. Of course, you must know what the law is to figure out when the law is broken. This helps you become not just a good detective but also a better and ethical citizen.

Other than the basic detective jobs, the variety of job options after leaning all these skills includes the forensic psychologist, medical examiner, forensic engineer or crime laboratory analyst. This field is appropriate if you think you like questioning people, or if you have the talent of capturing moments in the form of a photograph, there is always something for everyone after attending these extremely useful classes. You can satisfy multiple of your talents at the same time in this career filed. You do not just have the option of investigating but also of implementing your artistic, psychologist and other abilities. You can also get multiple certifications. This is an association with high-level institutes of this field. For different certifications, you must fulfill a criterion other than the fulfillment of class requirements. Some certifications offered include International Crime Scene Investigators Association, International Association for Identification and The American College of Forensic Examiners Institute. These require you to have specific years of experience; there are some study background requirements, and you must also pass an exam.


The annual cost of these classes is somewhere between $5,000 to $30,000, depending on your affordability and level of classes you choose to take. An admission test is taken before your classes commence to place you in the relevant level class. For instance, if you already have basic knowledge, you start from a higher level class whereas if you are just a beginner, you are first taught the basics in low-level classes before you proceed to advance level. The ROP courses have something for everyone. The duration for a graduate level degree will vary according to the academic background, but it will be between 2 years to 4 years of education as well as training and internships. For a master level degree, you must have a study background relating to chemistry or biology. This advance level study is two years long and costs around $12,000 to $120,000, again depending on your choice of school, etc.


ROP programs are offered at multiple places. You can attend a class at your nearest location. The internet will help you search for the nearest and most suitable area. Some of the places where you can go to an ROP class include Kennedy, Loara, El Dorado, Magnolia, Valencia, Sonora, Katella, La Vista, etc. There is consistency through all the classes. This means that the benefits, standards and cost are same for classes in all areas. You do not have to worry that your instructor might not be as good as an instructor at some other location.  The criterion for hiring teachers is high and same everywhere. You get the good quality education regardless of where you choose to study.

Your source of experience, motivation and inspiration; this course all you need for a bright detective career in the future.


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