Orange County – Classes 2018

Orange County ROP Classes


Regional Occupational Programs (ROP) are designed for adults who want to learn new occupations or hobbies, or to expand their knowledge in general. ROP courses are currently held only in California, USA. The main concept is to prepare adults and older teenagers to join the workforce in a niche that interest them. Examples of the many career pathways offered are Arts & Communication, Business & Marketing, Health & Bioscience, Service Occupations,, and Technology & Engineering. If you are interested, you can make contact through or call (714) 502-5800.

Class List

Professional Dance

  • Professional dance trains students in dance theory, fitness & conditioning, disciplines, and key techniques for those interested in industries such as media, art, and entertainment. This course can be found at the following school: Western HS. (215 Class Hours)


Floral Design

  • Floral design will teach you the trade of creating skillful floral art, which can be used in industries such as agriculture and natural resources. The course requires you to be creative, innovative, unique, and experimental in order to be unique. This course can be found at the following school: Fullerton HS. (180 Class Hours)


Digital Photography

  • Digital photography will introduce the basics and train students in the practices of photography. This course will teach you camera controls such as ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, as well as how different lenses can make all the difference in a shot. Digital Photography also teaches you a basic understanding of programs such as Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Bridge,and Adobe Camera Raw. Digital Photography allows students to enter industries such as design, visual arts, and service. This course can be found at the following schools: Brea Olinda HS, Magnolia HS, Sunny Hills HS. (180 Class Hours)


Video Production

  • Video Production offers a unique perspective to developing your digital media skill set. You will learn scriptwriting, directing, digital cinematography, lighting, and editing using the software in Adobe Suite. The goal of this course is to have students graduate with a high-quality media portfolio that can be used to find opportunities in industries such as design, visual arts, and entertainment, and media arts. This course can be found at the following schools: Buena Park HS, Fullerton HS, La Vista HS, Sonora HS. (180 Class Hours)


Child Development

  • This course allows students to study how young children develop, focusing on the emotional, physical, and physiological aspects of young children’s lives. This course prepares students for performing various tasks such as dressing, feeding, bathing, and playing with children. It prepares you to play a part in industries such as education, child development, and family services. This course can be found at the following schools: Cypress HS, Esperanza HS, Katella HS, Kennedy HS, Loara HS, Los Alamitos HS, Magnolia HS, Troy HS, Valencia HS, Western HS. (180 Class Hours)


Business, Finance & Careers

  • Business, Finance & Careers teaches students to understand the fundamentals of personal and business finance and in-depth career planning. Students will use programs in Microsoft Suite, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, to develop a unique financial portfolio in order to participate in such industries as banking, accounting, career advice and financial advice. This course can be found at the following schools: Buena Park HS, Fullerton HS, Gilbert HS, La Habra HS, Loara HS, Sonora HS. (180 Class Hours)


Retail Careers

  • Our Retail Careers course offers students information on the importance of merchandising, inventory turnover & control, systematic stock takes, shipping & receiving goods, customer service, and cashier skills. Students will learn how to interact with customers as they process payments, returns, and shipping; you will gain a professional attitude that will allow you to excel in industry sectors such as marketing, customer service, and sales representative. This course can be found at the following school: El Camino Real HS. (180 Class Hours)


Medical Careers

  • This course teaches students about patient vitals systems, which range from blood pressure to oxygen intake. You’ll learn about diverse medical and health occupations found in your local hospitals, doctors’ clinics, and health centers. Also included are health care delivery systems, regulatory agencies, research, current technology, and socio-economic issues affecting health care. Students research career opportunities in the therapeutic, diagnostic, and support areas. These classes are a gateway course to more advanced courses such as Body Systems & Disorders, Dental Care, Emergency Medical Responder, Medical Assistant – Clinical & Administrative, Nursing Assistant – Long Term Care, Pharmacy Technology, and Sports Medicine & Therapy. This course can be found at the following schools: Anaheim HS, Brea Olinda HS, Buena Park HS, Cypress HS, Esperanza HS, Fullerton HS, Gilbert HS, Katella HS, Kennedy HS, La Habra HS, Loara HS, Magnolia HS, Savanna HS, Sonora HS, Sunny Hills HS, Troy HS, Western HS, ROP Trident Education Center, NOCROP Regional Courses. (180 Class Hours)


Fire Technology

  • This course encourages students to improve their physical and physiological fitness to participate in fire service occupations. Fire Technology will teach you the effects of heat and smoke on the body and the reasons why fires are started. Students learn the duties a firefighter performs, such as fire prevention, emergency medical service, hazardous material response, search and rescue, and disaster assistance. The classes teach students the key qualifications needed to serve their local fire department. This course can be found at the following schools: La Habra HS, Los Alamitos HS. (180 Class Hours)


Introduction to Criminal Justice

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice is designed to provide students with an in-depth view of occupations available in the criminal justice system. Students will study the laws of evidence, techniques of investigation, report writing, and common court protocol. Writing skills, oral communication skills, positive attitudes, and presentation skills related to law enforcement will be emphasized, preparing you for entry into the public service industry. The course can be found at the following schools: Cypress HS, El Dorado HS, Kennedy HS, Magnolia HS, Valencia HS. (180 Class Hours)


Foundation of Residential and Commercial Construction

  • This course trains students in construction, building design, sustainability, and the overall methods of how residential and commercial structures are designed and built. Students will learn hands-on in the course with power tools, blueprint reading, measurements, and common sense. Students will undergo simulated building competitions that will allow them to display their key attributes. This opens opportunities in industries such as building and construction for students to explore. The course can be found at the following schools: Anaheim HS, Brea Olinda HS, Katella HS, La Habra HS, Magnolia HS, Valencia HS, Western HS. (180 Class Hours)



  • In this course, you will learn how to join metal parts together using heat; these classes can open opportunities in the shipping, automotive, and construction industries. The course offers hands-on experience to help the student become an experienced welder, and can be found at the following school: Esperanza HS. (180 Class Hours)


Computer Science Principles

  • Computer Science Principles introduces students to creating websites/programs with languages such as CSS, Python, HTML, and Javascript. Creativity, abstraction, data and information, algorithms, programming, the internet, and career exploration are some of the major subjects covered in the class. The interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of computing is emphasized through project-based instruction, where students will problem-solve real-world complications to find a solution. This training allows students to be part of industries such as computer science, programming & design, and communication technologies. The course can be found at the following school: Buena Park HS. (180 Class Hours & Algebra Recommended)


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