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Regional Occupational Program at Tri-Valley Schools

If you are an adult or teenager in California interested in expanding your education or developing life skills, you have likely heard of Regional Occupational Program (ROP) courses. The State of California decided that the best way to create economic growth within the state was to invest in the education and ultimately dreams of its citizens. In other states in the United States of America you might find labor-based courses for jobs that ultimately less people in their state want to do. However, in the great state of California, you can find courses in almost anything from HVAC to Yoga Instruction, and Sports Medicine to Law. Most classes are free for high school students, and require low registration and material frees for adults.

In California, the Regional Occupational Program is broken into several districts to make providing an excellent experience more manageable. The Tri-Valley area is one such district. The five schools that offer courses within this district are Amador Valley High School, Dublin High School, Foothill High School, Granada High School, and Livermore High School. Whether you want to start a career in criminal justice, further your career in child development, or learn how about auto body repair for personal use,  you will be covered.

Classes Offered at Tri-Valley Schools

Within the Tri-Valley area, there are many courses available to help you with your ultimate goals. Whether you want to enter the job market with a valuable skill, expand on a current set of skills to give you an edge in your current career, or learn a life skill for personal growth and development, ROP courses in California (CA) can help. In the Tri-Valley area, the main subjects you can take courses in are arts/media/entertainment, education/child development/family services, energy/environment/utilities, engineering/design, fashion/interior design, finance/business, health science/medical technology, marketing/sales/service, public services, and transportation. There are a variety of courses available within each category.

  1. Arts, Media, & Entertainment – In this category, you will find different digital-based arts courses within the Tri-Valley district. Animation and Motion Graphics 1 and 2, Visual Communications 1 and 2, and even Video game Art and Design courses are all available in the Tri-Valley District.
  2. Education, Child Development, & Family Services – Within this category, you have two levels of one course available. Development Psychology of Children 1 and 2 is available at many of the high schools in the Tri-Valley district.
  3. Engineering & Design – In the Tri-Valley area, you can begin your career in engineering and design with one single course. Civil Engineering and Architecture will give you an idea of what it is really like in this industry.
  4. Energy, Environment, & Utilities – In the Tri-Valley region, there are a few classes available for you to take advantage of if you want a career in improving the community in which you live and work. Advanced Placement Environmental Science and Water Pollution Control (Waste Water Treatment) are available. Advanced Placement Environmental Science also gives you the option of earning college credits by taking this course.
  5. Fashion & Interior Design – Although a very broad category, in the Tri-Valley district, this subject is covered by one course. You can take cosmetology to start your career in hair, make-up, or nails!
  6. Finance & Business – If you are interested in becoming a business owner, you can get started with a course in entrepreneurship. In the Tri-Valley area, you can take a course in Economics of Business Ownership. You will learn many of the ins and outs of owning a business from the financial side!
  7. Health Science & Medical Technology – In this category, you can often find the most courses available across many of the districts in California. This is because nurses, EMTs, and EMRs are often in high demand. The courses you can take in the Tri-Valley region include Medical Occupations, Nursing Careers, Principles of Biomedical Sciences, and Sports Medicine/Athletic Trainer 1 and 2.
  8. Information Technology – This is often a category where you can find courses with lowered registrations fees as the information technology industry is rapidly growing. You can take courses in this field such as IT Essentials, Computer Intro to Networks (CCCNA 1), or Routing and Switching Essentials (CCNA 2). If you want to start a career in an industry where jobs will be in high demand – this category is where you start!
  9. Manufacturing & Product Development – In this category, you can take such courses as Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Welding Camp.
  10. Marketing, Sales, & Service – If you are interested in starting a career in marketing, sales, or customer service, there are a few courses you can take in the Tri-Valley district to begin or expand on your career. Marketing (Integrated Marketing Communications) and Sports & Entertainment Marketing are available to help you get started. In general, courses such as these are fantastic to take as you can learn the psychology behind marketing and apply it to almost every aspect of your life.
  11. Public Services – In the Tri-Valley area, you can begin your career in law/public service with a course on Criminal Justice/Crime-Scene Investigation. You have likely seen shows that depict this world in a very glamorous/exciting manner – now you can find out what the real-world application is truly like!
  12. Transportation – Unlike the category suggests, the course available in the Tri-Valley region are actually in regard to repair and servicing. Courses available in the category include Auto Specialist (1, 2, and 3) and Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing 1 and 2.

As you can see by the length of this section alone, there are many ROP classes available to help you begin your career, expand your career, or simply learn something new. You can also take ROP courses outside of the Tri-Valley region if you want to have a broader selection of courses.

The Tri-Valley Schools That Offer ROP Courses

In the Tri-Valley district there are 5 high schools that offer ROP Classes to adults and students in the area. Not every school offers the same selection of courses, so to determine which school is right for you, read more below:

  1. Amador Valley High School – Nestled in Pleasanton, California (CA), Amador Valley High School opened its doors in 1923. Now the home of the Don, you will find a few ROP courses available. These courses currently include: Economics of Business Ownership, Sports Medicine (1 and 2), Marketing, and CSI.
  2. Dublin High School – Home of the Gaels, Dublin High School offers a wide selection of ROP courses for students and adults in the community. Located in Dublin, California (CA), the building is modern and sleek. You can enjoy the clean and pleasant facilities for your Arts & Entertainment courses in addition to Economics of Business Ownership, Sports Medicine (1), Manufacturing courses, Marketing courses, or CSI course.
  3. Foothill High School – Also proudly nestled in Pleasanton, CA, Foothill High School is the home of the Falcons. If you are interested in taking Education, Child Development, and Family Services courses, Health Science and Medical Technology course, the Marketing course, the CSI course, or the Economics of Business Ownership course, Foothill High School may be the right fit for you! If you are planning on taking Medical-based ROP courses, you may need to consider Foothill High School your new ROP home!
  4. Granada High School – Home of the Matadors and located in Livermore, CA, you will find that Granada High School has a selection of ROP Courses. Developmental Psychology of Children (1 and 2), Medical Occupations, Sports Medicine (1), Economics of Business Ownership, and Marketing courses are available at Granada High School.
  5. Livermore High School – Founded in 1891 and also located in Livermore, this home of the Cowboys may have ROP courses you are interested in. You will find Developmental Psychology of Children (1 and 2), Civil Engineering and Architecture, Sports Medicine (1), Criminal Justice/CSI, and Transportation courses (Auto Collision Repair and Auto Specialist) are available at Livermore High School.

If you are interested in the Cosmetology course available through Regional Occupational Programs (ROP), that course is available at the Dublin Beauty College located in Dublin, CA.

How Long Will Classes Be?

Length of each class as well as class schedule (day of week and time of day) will vary from class to class. You can typically expect classes to last approximately 2 hours. In courses where there is more of a hands-on approach to learning/teaching (for example – Auto Collision Repair) you may find that some classes will be longer. In most cases, you will have the option to stay for later courses (as the instructors understand that both adults and teenagers have responsibilities outside of the classroom).

What Careers Can I Start with ROP Courses?

You will find that many of the jobs available in relation to the ROP courses are self-explanatory. For example, with “Auto Collision Repair and Refinishing”, you will be able to find a career auto body repair. For “Nursing Careers” you are likely going to be starting a career in nursing. But, what about others – like Principles of Biomedical Sciences and Civil Engineering and Architecture? Let’s cover a few of the more obscure ones:

  • Civil Engineering and Architecture – In this course, you are preparing for a career in residential and commercial structure design.
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing – In this course, you are preparing for a career in making computer automated processes work more efficiently. For example, water bottle and musical instrument assembly lines are mostly computer automated, and you would be learning about how the processes work and how they can be improved.
  • Visual Communications – You would be learning the psychology behind what makes art (both traditional and digital) appealing to the masses. This can be applied to logo design, advertising graphics, and more.
  • Medical Occupations – This course will be an introduction covering a wide breadth of career paths in the medical field. A few examples include: veterinary medicine, physical therapy, surgical technician, nursing, medical assistant, and more (much more, actually).

How Do I Get Started?

If you are a student, you can speak with your representative in your school. If you are a student at an alternative high school, you can speak with your careers representative or visit the ROP office located at 1040 Florence Rd. in Livermore, CA. If you are an adult, you will need to register directly at the office in Livermore.

From there – your career opportunities are your own!

You can find out more information at TVROP, Cheers